12Ships Completed the Buy-back&Burn of TSHP in October

In accordance with 12Ships Monthly Report-October 2020, the 12Ships team would buy back 1,656,159.87 TSHP via UniSwap with 9.53 ETH, the net mining profit of Hansando pool in October. And the team has just completed the buy-back and burn of TSHP.

Burning amount: 1,656,159.87 TSHP

Burning TXID: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x75014d50239b017b0fb626f8c1d0860dd6fc3d4fd8bcea8691999416515cb85a

Many thanks for your trust and support!

2020. 11. 30

Qianjie Zhao, Director

12Ships Foundation

About 12Ships

12Ships is a cryptocurrency mining backed blockchain platform that makes your journey to the blockchain investment AS EASY AS POSSIBLE by providing profitable and high-performance mining infrastructure. 12Ships focuses on technology-driven development of a mining ecosystem including ASIC mining machines, Filecoin mining machines, mining pool, and public chain.

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12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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