12Ships Completed TSHP Buy-back&Burn in August

Dear 12Ships Community,

In accordance with 12Ships Monthly Report-August 2020 posted on September 3rd, the 12Ships team has bought back 5,454,456.884 TSHP via UniSwap with 58.29 ETH, the net mining profit of Hansando pool in August, and completed the burn of TSHP. In other words, 5,454,456.884 TSHP have been taken away out of circulation permanently.

TSHP Burn Txid:


Many thanks for your trust and support!

12Ships Foundation

September 17, 2020

About 12Ships

12Ships is a global blockchain service platform of making users’ journeys to the blockchain investment as easy as possible by securing stable profitability and contributing to the blockchain revitalization based on high-performance mining infrastructure. 12Ships consists of in-house ASIC mining products, a mining pool, a public blockchain, and even more business based on blockchain in the future to keep pace with the industry trends all the way.

For more information, connect with us in the communities!




12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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