12Ships Monthly Report-August 2020

Tech & Cooperation Updates

  1. 12Ships has completed the buy-back&burn of TSHP with the mining profit in July. It means that 3,045,082.239 TSHP have been taken away out of circulation permanently. For more details
  2. As TSHP/ETH is available on UniSwap from July, One more trading pair of TSHP/USDT is supported on UniSwap. Go take a look
  3. 12Ships is working on Filecoin mining machine configuration and already successfully test-mined Filecoin. For more details
  4. August 26 to 28, Vancores participated in World Semiconductor Conference 2020 together with 12Ships, and was awarded “Top 10 Most Popular Exhibitors” and interviewed by the media. During the conference, Vancores and TSMC, Tsinghua Unigroup, and other giants in the industry shared the experience, exchanged ideas, and communicated about further cooperation in the future. For more details

Hansando Pool Updates

  1. The technicians went on a business trip to check the mining farm and repair some machines which were affected heavily by the COVID-19 epidemic event and the rainstorm occurred in the southwest of China.

Marketing & Operation Updates

  1. 12Ships launched a rewarding event named “Break the Record” from Aug 13 to Aug 26 on UniSwap to encourage trade and add more liquidity. For more details. As a result, none of the records have been broken through yet and therefore nobody got the prize. To check the details here
  2. 12Ships redesigned the official website to improve the growing options that divided the webpage into six categories — Home, ASIC Product, Hansando, HashChain, Team, and Whitepaper.
  3. Twitter Follower: 3106
  4. Fans in Telegram group: 1950
  5. Fans in Kakao Talk: 671
  • 12Ships is a blockchain-focused project, the smart contract of which is provided by HEXLANT. All the tokens of 12Ships Foundation are stored safely in the custody of Upbit Safe operated by DXM. The tokens locked are strictly restricted to a smart contract.

About 12Ships




12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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