12Ships Monthly Report-February 2021

[Press Time: Mar 12th, 2021]

Crypto Market Overview

2. There’s currently an explosion happening in NFTs, which can be thought of as blockchain-based title deeds to a digital artifact. NFTs are basically digital collectibles. They can represent things (like tweets, real estate, real-world assets, etc.) or they can be the things (like art). The trend is a carry-on from things like the original CrypoKitties phenomenon in 2017, with the technology (Ethereum’s ERC-721 token standard) later morphing its way deep into the world of digital art.

Project Update

Marketing & Operation

(Source: filfox.info)

For now, one of our miners whose address is f0155050 has already attained 7.55 PiB adjusted power as shown above. As its full storage power will be 7.6 PiB, the expected daily rewards are around 788 FIL (~$33,395 USD).

2. 12Ships Community-Lunar New Year Event from February 10 to February 24, 2021. And 5 winners get store gift vouchers worth 50,000 won per person. (https://cobak.co.kr/community/1/post/456691)

3. Due to the disclosure rules of Upbit that only the big and newly updated project news can be published there, 12Ships gets cooperation with Xangle for more information disclosure and update. And the 12Ships monthly reports will be officially published on Medium and Xangle hereafter.

Hansando Pool

2. From Feb 1st 2021 to Feb 28th 2021, Hansando Pool mined XVG, RVC, and some other cryptos totally valued at $33,983. After subtracting electric bill and daily operation & development expenses, we plan to use $3,500, a part of the net profit, to buy back and burn TSHP. The burning TXID will be disclosed on Upbit and Xangle after completion.

Community Development

  • Twitter Followers: 3977 (820 newly increased)
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 560 (70 newly increased)
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1407

2. 12Ships team launched 12Ships Junior Sailor Program to engage more blockchain enthusiasts all over the world as translators and promotion ambassadors in our community. Now we are collecting the application forms online If you can make some translation, write articles or make videos about 12Ships, submit your application here: https://forms.gle/DhL28PYqinvysTTq8

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