12Ships Monthly Report-January 2021

2 min readFeb 8, 2021

「Press Time: Feb 8th, 2021」

12Ships Junior Sailor Program-to be released

Market News

The group “r/Wallstreetbets” (aka WSB) is a longstanding subreddit channel where over 3.5 million Reddit users discuss highly speculative trading ideas and strategies. On Sept. 19, 2020, a Redditor published a post in the channel entitled “Bankrupting Institutional Investors For Dummies, ft GameStop.” In it, the person outlined a strong bullish case for GameStop (GME). The community has caused huge disruption to financial markets during January 2021. In nine days, GME stocks skyrocketed over 1,800% from $19.79 to a high of $380. Finally, Robinhood, as a free-trading app, disabled users’ buying in a number of stocks. Those three roles played a Reddit-Robinhood-GameStop Drama in January.

Project Update

Marketing & Operation

Co-hosting an AMA event with Crypto Zyte Community on Telegram, 12Ships made its first appearance in one of the Southeast Asian communities. The event has brought more than 100 Twitter followers increased for 12Ships.

Hansando Pool

From Jan. 1st, 2021 to Jan. 31th, 2021, Hansando Pool mined XVG, RVC, and some other cryptos totally valued at $11256.65. The total profit minus $4996.87 for the electric bill and $4000 for daily operation & development expenses is the net profit valued at $2259.78. The net profit will be used to buy back TSHP. The burning TXID will be disclosed after completion.

*The buyback and burn of TSHP in November 2020, December 2020 and January 2021 have been postponed owing to the miners transporting matters and it will be finished soon. After the completion of buyback and burn, the announcement will be published on Medium and disclosed via the Upbit and Xangle.

Community Development

- Community Members:

  • Twitter Followers: 3158
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1495
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 492

-As a part of the community development scheme 2021, 12Ships Junior Sailor Program has been approved by the 12Ships Foundation. 12Ships will engage some blockchain enthusiasts all over the world as translators and community promotion ambassadors. The program is funded by 12Ships Foundation and the details will be released on February 26th.

About 12Ships

12Ships is a cryptocurrency-mining backed blockchain platform that makes your journey to blockchain investment AS EASY AS POSSIBLE by providing profitable and high-performance mining infrastructure. 12Ships focuses on technology-driven development of a mining ecosystem including ASIC mining machines, Filecoin mining machines, mining pool, and public chain.

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