12Ships Monthly Report-July 2020

[Published Time: July 31, 2020]

Tech & Cooperation Updates

The Guide and Tutorials of Swapping ETH ⇄ TSHP on Uniswap: https://medium.com/@12Ships/the-guide-and-tutorials-of-swapping-eth-tshp-on-uniswap-a2e070dca861

Hansando Pool Updates

  • From July-02-2020 to July-30-2020, Hansando Pool mined 390400 XVG and 13070000 RVC via 500+ mining machines, 12Ships have transferred these mining profits into 41.28 ETH, all ETHs will be used to buy back TSHP via Uniswap and these TSHP will be burned out. More details and burn out Txid will be announced after finishing all the processes.

Marketing & Operation Updates

  • Twitter Follower: 3097
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 706

Team Expansion

About 12Ships

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