12Ships Monthly Report-October 2020

Market Overview

On October 21, the Bitcoin price broke out and rose up by about $1,000 that day. Now, it has broken through 13,000 US dollars and hit a new high in 2020. In the past week (October 26–30), Bitcoin fluctuated roughly in the range of $12,700 to $13,900. As the risk aversion becomes intense where the U.S. stocks market continues to fall, BTC and gold have both shown unusual risk resistance capabilities. The mainstream crypto market’s optimism is further fermented by the continuous increase in prices.

Industry News

1)The 6th Blockchain Global Summit 2020 was grandly opened in Shanghai last week. The topics of this summit covered the blockchain industry, digital economy, public chain development(including Ethereum, Polkadot, and Filecoin), distributed finance, industrial Internet, DeFi, and other hot spots.

Shanghai International Blockchain Week

Project Update

-Tech & Cooperation

1)12Ships team has finished to buy back and burn 4,994,526.158 TSHP with the mining profit in September of 44.26 ETH. The announcement has been published on 12Ships Medium and disclosed through the Upbit project disclosure channel: https://upbit.com/service_center/disclosure.

-Marketing & Operation

1)12Ships team held an AMA event in the Telegram community on Oct 16, 2020. It’s the first time that the new core team has shared their vision and responded to the questions from the community in person. There are hundreds of users active in our Telegram group during the AMA event. We received 36 comments and questions from Twitter and dozens of questions during the free Q&A session. The team plans to hold routine Q&A activities in communities every month.

  • Twitter Followers: 3083
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1776
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 579

About 12Ships

12Ships makes your journey to the blockchain investment as easy as possible by providing a profitable and reliable mining infrastructure. 12Ships was launched to realize the paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through blockchain. We have developed both the high-performance hardware needed to keep the data recorded in the blockchain reliable and the software needed for its operations. This is the future that 12Ships will realize to turn this platform and service into a new business that is capable of expanding.

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