12Ships Monthly Report-September 2020

5 min readOct 1, 2020

[Press Time: Oct 1st, 2020 ]

Market Overview

In September, both the traditional financial markets and cryptocurrency markets suffered two sharp drops on September 3 and September 21. Three major Indexes of the US Stock Market slumped while mainstream cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin as well as the DeFi tokens went down sharply. It’s worth noting that the Dollar Index rose during the slump. The dollar rose against all major developed market currencies owing to a global stock market rout and the concerns about COVID-19 cases rising, which fuelled the demand for safe-haven assets.

On the other hand, in the cryptocurrency market, Bitcoin and other top 10 tokens by market capitalization showed a downward trend to varying degrees, with DOT, LINK, and BNB all dropping by more than 10%. In contrast, Bitcoin fell less, the price of which did not break through the $10,000 USD barrier.

Compared with the mainstream cryptocurrencies, the DeFi tokens fell heavily, with YAMV2, YFV, KIMCHI, UNI, and others falling by more than 20% on average. The analysts believed that “there are two reasons for the decline of the crypto market: Firstly, the U.S. stock market is likely to break down and continue to decline; Secondly, UNI issuing signified the peak time of DeFi. There won’t be any innovative, strong-community projects in the market in the short term.

Bitcoin prices outperformed other mainstream cryptos and DeFi tokens. Despite Bitcoin failed to shake off the influence of traditional financial markets, it held upon $10,000 level, providing confidence and imagination for the future. As of Sep 30, the BTC price is $10,777, down 0.59% in 24 hours.

*The content above is formed from some opinions of the popular media and analysts in South Korea and China.

Industry News

-Filecoin Mainnet Liftoff

( https://filecoin.io/blog/mainnet-ignition/)

Filecoin Mainnet Liftoff: a week of events from October 19–23 celebrating Filecoin’s mainnet launch.

On September 27, Filecoin official shared an update on Filecoin’s launch phases and schedule as they enter the Mainnet Ignition phase and get ready for Filecoin Mainnet Liftoff: a week of events from October 19–23. The Filecoin mainnet will officially begin at epoch 148888 which is expected to land around Oct 15.

-UNI, the Uniswap Protocol Token, Is Live


On September 16, Uniswap official announced to issue its token called UNI. The most exciting news is that 15% of UNI, 150,000,000 UNI, can immediately be claimed by historical liquidity providers, users, and SOCKS redeemers/holders based on a snapshot ending September 1, 2020, at 12:00 am UTC.

🎉Hey guys, can you remember that 12Ships held an event on Uniswap in August?

That is to say, as long as you were engaged in our event whatever you provided some liquidity, just made a trade, or only ever submitted failed transactions, then you can go to check your wallet account and claim 400 UNI at least. That’s really awesome, right?!

So, how to check the wallet address and claim 400 UNI? You can follow the instructions below:

  • 1) Open the Uniswap interface of UNI: https://app.uniswap.org/#/uni
  • 2) Click on the icon with three dots on the top right corner and then select “Claim UNI”
  • 3) Enter the wallet address to check that if you have any claimable UNI
  • 4) Click on “Claim UNI” and get your surprise!

-NFT Economy Grows Exponential

While attention in the blockchain and crypto space still lays firmly on the exploding DeFi sector, another revolution is bubbling in the NFT (Non-Fungible tokens )space in September. Data from nonfungible.com shows that during the past month, there were 52,517 sales total and $7,139,786.91 USD in NFT trade volume.

-KuCoin Was Hacked for Over $200 Million

KuCoin, a Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, was hacked for over $200 million on September 25, making this security breach the third-largest digital currency exchange hack in history. Shortly after the security breach took place, the hacker began to liquidate some of their stolen funds through UniSwap.

Project Update

-Tech & Cooperation

  1. We purchased four Western Digital enterprise-class HDD of 14T storage, for the expansion of the Filecoin mining machine configuration. Now we are testing the cluster mining with the 8-bay server.

2. The cooperation with Divine Protocol, a decentralized financial protocol. TSHP is one of the tokens newly added to Divine Protocol. Check the details

-Hansando Pool

  1. 12Ships team has finished to buy back and burn 5,454,456.884 TSHP with the mining profit in August of 58.29 ETH.
  2. From Sep.1.2020 to Sep.30.2020, Hansando Pool mined 341,200 XVG via 95 mining machines, 7,860,000 RVC via 135 mining machines, and some other cryptos via 620+mining machines. The total mining profit of Hansando Pool in September is valued at $25,770.67, from which a fee of $9,844.39 was charged for electric bills. As a consequence, the net profit in September is $15,926.28 and was exchanged into 44.26 ETH. all these ETH will be used to buy back and burn TSHP. The details and burn Txid will be disclosed soon.

-Marketing & Operation

  1. A LinkedIn company homepage of 12Ships has been created. Follow us: https://www.linkedin.com/company/12ships
  2. 12Ships is now listed on Blockspot.io, one of the largest crypto/blockchain databases.
  3. We hereby declare that the old Medium account of TwelveShips has been abandoned: ❎https://medium.com/@TwelveShips. Please follow our new Medium account to keep informed of the latest news of 12Ships: ✅ https://medium.com/@12Ships
  4. Community:
  • Twitter Followers: 3104
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1819
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 622

About 12Ships

12Ships makes your journey to the blockchain investment as easy as possible by providing a profitable and reliable mining infrastructure. 12Ships was launched to realize the paradigm of the Fourth Industrial Revolution through blockchain. We have developed both the high-performance hardware needed to keep the data recorded in the blockchain reliable and the software needed for its operations. This is the future that 12Ships will realize to turn this platform and service into a new business that is capable of expanding.

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