Filecoin Mining: What are the advantages of 12Ships’s Hardware Solution?

How to evaluate the performance of a Filecoin miner?

Filecoin miners are competing with their ability to store data, transfer data, and seal sectors, such as the total amount of storage, the speed of retrieval, the bandwidth of transmission, and latency. Filecoin miner components include CPU, GPU, RAM, SSDs, and HDDs, similar to a high-end server plus the optional storage units.

12Ships’s Filecoin Mining Hardware Solution

  • CPU:AMD EPYC 7542 32-Core
  • SSD:Intel P4510 8TB
  • HDD:36 x 14T
  • GPU:RTX 2080 Ti 11G
  • RAM:512 GB

(1) The Best CPU Selected With Reference to the Official Benchmark

Filecoin’s consensus algorithm has two mechanisms: Proof-of-Replication (PoRep) and Proof-of-Spacetime (PoSt). The goal of PoRep is to ensure that miners do indeed have a backup of certain data on their storage devices, and PoSt’s goal is to make storage miners demonstrate continued storage within the promised duration.

(2) Adding GPU to improve hardware performance and testing the cluster mining

GPU’s current role is limited. CPU with multiple cores will not need to add GPU for now. Although it will definitely improve the performance more or less by adding GPU, the cost gets increased accordingly. Miners can choose to add GPUs based on algorithm adjustment in the future. But if the cluster size is large, the host computer should be equipped with GPU. 12Ships added the GPU and is currently testing the cluster mining.

(3) The networking structure is efficient and stable

Networking is also critical. Based on the R&D and test-mining, the 12Ships team found that the networking structure shown in the figure below can run efficiently and stably, which greatly improves the mining efficiency.

(4) Applicable to the newly upgraded algorithms

Filecoin officials said it would upgrade PoRep replication proof algorithms from Stacked Depth Robust (SDR) to Narrow Stacked Expander(NSE) to improve the issues of costs and retrieval delays. So is the current hardware solution compatible with the new algorithm?



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