Introducing TSHP BSC Pools

2 min readMay 14, 2021

We are thrilled to introduce TSHP BSC Pools to our community family today!

👋Hello 12Ships Sailors!

We are thrilled to introduce TSHP BSC Pools to our community family today! TSHP BSC Pool is a kind of smart staking pools deployed on the Binance smart chain (BSC), which is a brand new product within our Hansando Pool.

Hansando Pool was originally launched by the former 12Ships Team since October 2019 to operate a number of hash power from Team’s self-developed ASIC mining machines. And the mining profits are partially used to buy back and burn some TSHP in the secondary market every month.

Introducing Hansando Staking Pools

It’s some kind of staking pool service which is designed to reward our community members by providing staking rewards. We have developed a DAPP for the staking pool, which means it’s a decentralised system that runs automatically by programming.

So it is a robust and straightforward rewards structure that allows any token holder to receive rewards by just approving and staking your TSHP.

For example, supposing we are adding a staking pool with a lock-up period of 7 days, a total of 1,000,000 TSHP positions and with an estimated APY at around 20%. And then you can deposit your TSHP into the pool and await the start of staking. After 7 days, for example, that the staking pool has matured, you can feel free to unstake all of your TSHP, as well as to claim the rewards you earned simultaneously.

Introducing TSHP BSC Pools

At the early stage, three TSHP staking pools deployed on BSC chain will go live on 12:00 AM(UTC+9), May 20th. The holders can stake their TSHP into active pools to get Filecoin tokens (FIL) as rewards!

  • 7-day TSHP-FIL Pool
  • 14-day TSHP-FIL Pool
  • 30-day TSHP-FIL Pool

The website of Hansando pool will be updated soon and more details of these three TSHP BSC Pools will be released on the website as well as our official channels next week.

🔗Staking Pool :

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