Introducing TSHP BSC Pools

Introducing Hansando Staking Pools

It’s some kind of staking pool service which is designed to reward our community members by providing staking rewards. We have developed a DAPP for the staking pool, which means it’s a decentralised system that runs automatically by programming.

Introducing TSHP BSC Pools

At the early stage, three TSHP staking pools deployed on BSC chain will go live on 12:00 AM(UTC+9), May 20th. The holders can stake their TSHP into active pools to get Filecoin tokens (FIL) as rewards!

  • 7-day TSHP-FIL Pool
  • 14-day TSHP-FIL Pool
  • 30-day TSHP-FIL Pool

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About 12Ships

12Ships is a blockchain platform which focuses on cryptocurrency mining and staking. By providing high-yield, high-performance mining infrastructure, 12Ships makes it as easy as possible for investors to participate in the blockchain mining investment, including ASIC mining products, Filecoin mining machines, mining pool, staking pool, etc.

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