The Guide and Tutorials of Swapping ETH ⇄ TSHP on Uniswap

4 min readJul 31, 2020

We have already worked out a detailed step-by-step guide for the communities!

  1. Open the Uniswap website of TSHP in Google Chrome at first:
Click “Connect Wallet”

2. Connect the Wallet and install Metamask.

Click “Install Metamask”

3. The guide to install MetaMask Wallet:

3.1 Click the button “Download now” in the lower-left corner.

Click “Download now”

3.2 We would suggest users install MetaMask Wallet in the browser Chrome for convenience. So click the button “Install MetaMask for Chrome”.

Click “Install MetaMask for Chrome”

3.3 Click the button “Add to Chrome” and a window pops up indicating that you’re supposed to add the extension of “MetaMask” to Chrome. Just click the button “Add extension”.

Click “Add to Chrome”
Click “Add extension”.

4. When it’s finished installing the MetaMask Wallet, let’s “Get Started” to create a new wallet now.

Click “Get Started”

4.1 We would suggest users create a new wallet, rather than import an existing wallet. Click the button “Create a Wallet”. As for the request of gathering usage data from MetaMask, for reference only, we would suggest you click “No Thanks”.

Click “Create a Wallet”

4.2 Create your password with at least 8 characters and keep it in mind! Then check the box of the agreement and click the button “Create”.

Click “Create”

4.3 You will get a secret backup phrase from your wallet in this step. Pay your attention to the “Tips” on the right side of the page that you need to memorize the phrase carefully. We would suggest that you download this secret backup phrase and then click the button “Next”.

Click the blue text in the lower-right side of the page and “Next” below

4.4 You need to confirm your secret backup phrase by selecting them in the correct order and then click the button “Confirm”.

Select each phrase in the correct order and click “Confirm”

4.5 You have finished the process to create a new MetaMask Wallet of your own. Look through the tips and click the button “All Done”.

Click “All Done”

5. After installing the MetaMask and also creating your own new wallet, now let’s go back to step 2 to connect the wallet with Uniswap:

Firstly, you can find a small icon of MetaMask like a fox in the top right- hand corner of the page and click it. Secondly, check the box marked in the picture below, and then click the button “Next” to the next page. (Likewise, check the box and click the button “Connect” on the next page)

Click “Next”

6. Now it’s time to go back to the home page mentioned in step 1:

6.1 Click the button “Select a token”.

6.2 You can easily find TSHP in the token list and select it. Alternatively, you can also search for it by pasting the contract address of TSHP in the field.

The contract address of TSHP: 0x525794473f7ab5715c81d06d10f52d11cc052804

6.3 Now you can swap from ETH to TSHP, and vice-versa. We set an example of swapping from ETH to TSHP as below. Click the button “Swap Anyway”.

Click “Swap Anyway”

🎉 Congratulations! You have got the way to swap ETH ⇄ TSHP on Uniswap!

If you have any problem, reach us in our communities:

More communities to be built up in the near future, so stay tuned!




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