Vancores along with 12Ships Participated in World Semiconductor Conference 2020

Remarks: the content below is an English translation from the news coverage in Chinese, which was published by the Conference Committee via its official WeChat press release channel.

August 26-28, 2020, World Semiconductor Conference 2020&Nanjing International Semiconductor Expo( WSCE 2020, for short) was held in Nanjing International Expo Center. With the theme defined as “Open cooperation with the same core in the world”, 127 semiconductor enterprises from all over the world have participated in the conference, talking about global industrial development trends, market focus, and technology application.

Vancores along with 12Ships, a project root in the Korean market, was invited to WSCE 2020 and awarded the “Top 10 Most Popular Exhibitors” at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Vancores, as one of the Top 10 Most Popular Exhibitors, was interviewed by the media

During the conference, Vancores and Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., LTD. (TSMC), Tsinghua Unigroup, Huatian Technology, Global Unichip Corp. (GUC), and other giants in the industry share the experience, exchange the ideas, and communicate about further cooperation in the future. Meanwhile, some of the attendees got a strong interest in the blockchain business of 12Ships.

Vancores and TSMC
Vancores and HT-Tech
Some attendees asked about the business of 12Ships

Vancores was awarded “Top 10 Most Popular Exhibitors” by the government leaders of Nanjing at the closing ceremony of the conference.

Enterprise Features: The Excellent Technical Strength

Vancores, founded in November 2018, focuses on ASIC R&D by profession. The company is led by Dr. Wang Xingjun personally who is a professor at Tsinghua University and one of the State Council Experts for Special Allowance in China. Relying on his outstanding academic research achievements on the data security and digital content protection technology, radio&television hybrid network broadband access and CDN technology, video big data analysis technology, terrestrial digital television(white spectrum) ultra-broadband access technology, Vancores conducted some research and developed the high-performance security chips, mainly toward to IoT and edge computing applications, which are capable to used widely in the device interface security, IoT security, video monitoring network security, user data security protection, IOV applications, high-speed blockchain authentication, medical data protection, government data protection, and many other areas. The company provides group and individual users with solutions to highly efficient, high cost-performance security hardware and technical support of application development. Headquartered in the Industrial Technology Research and Innovation Park of Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, the company has established a technology R&D Center in Nanjing and divisions in Beijing and Shanghai. Vancores recently acquired the 12Ships project in Korea and took over the operation.

About 12Ships

12Ships, known to be a blockchain mining company, root in the South Korean market, with a technical team from electronics companies such as Samsung Electronics and Nexell. Its high-performance, low-energy ASIC chips are used in the multi-algorithm and parallel mining in blockchain, which has been put into production and contributed to the construction of blockchain mining infrastructure.

Since 2018, 12Ships has been committed to providing investment and advisory services in the blockchain mining business for users globally. Its vision is to make it easier for users to understand and participate in the development of the blockchain industry by providing a profitable and reliable mining infrastructure. 12Ships has independently developed high-performance mining machines and has been operating a mining pool project and a public blockchain project. Vancores, which acquired 12Ships in April 2020 and took over the market operation, plans to take a further exploration of the blockchain industry in the future.

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