We launched a Reward Program on Uniswap! Win the Prize!

TSHP, the token of 12Ships, has been listed on Uniswap recently. It opens a brand new way to increase the liquidity of TSHP. We welcome all TSHP holders and crypto-asset users to join in 12Ships community and experience TSHP swaps via Uniswap.

12Ships team launched the “Break the Record” swap event. Go to Add or Remove TSHP and ETH, swap TSHP or ETH, let’s make a new liquidity record, participants will get a chance to win TSHP or USDT rewards.

To participate in the event, please access the website: https://swap.12ships.com/swap

Event period :

00:00 AM(UTC+9) on August 13th, 2020 to 24:00 PM(UTC+9) on August 26th, 2020

Prize 1-Break the Record, reward all the Adds and Removes

During the event period, if TSHP-ETH liquidity broke the records showed in Table 1 below, all participants who Add or Remove TSHP and ETH before the record-breaking will share the rewards of TSHP equally among every individual.

For example, if the liquidity of TSHP-ETH broke $100,000 on the first activity day, the users who participated in Adds or Removes can share the rewards of TSHP worth $500. If the liquidity broke $200,000, all the participants will share $1,000 TSHP rewards. However, if the liquidity reduced back to $100,000, the rewards will not be distributed repetitively.

Table 1 — The Reward rules of Prize 1

Prize 2-Break the Record, reward the Top and Lucky Swap Players

Based on the highest liquidity record of TSHP-ETH during the event period, we will reward the Swap Players who made Top 3 of the highest swap volume and also did Adds or Removes with TSHP.

We will also select 5 Lucky Swap Players and reward them with USDT.

The reward details are as follows in Table 2.

Table 2 — The Reward rules of Prize 2

We have published an article on The Guide and Tutorials of Swapping ETH ⇄ TSHP on Uniswap

For more information, reach us in the communities:

More communities to be built up in the near future, so stay tuned!




12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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12ships will make your journey to the crypto mining AS EASY AS POSSIBLE

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