12Ships Monthly Report-December 2020

2 min readJan 12, 2021


[Press Time: Jan 12th, 2021]

Project Update

Marketing & Operation

Merry Christmas Retweet Activity
  • Launched a Merry Christmas Retweet Activity on Twitter and five winners will be rewarded with 50 USDT per person.
  • One of the co-marketing AMA events scheduled in late December 2020 has been put off in late January 2021. (Stay stunned for subsequent news)
  • Due to the former mine facilities failures that occurred suddenly on December 13, 2020, our team was entirely focused on finding a new mine place and moving the miners to the new site.

Hansando Pool

  • From Dec 1st, 2020 to Dec 31th, 2020, Hansando Pool mined XVG, RVC, and some other cryptos totally valued at $10756.39. The total profit minus $4719.94 for the electric bill and $4000 for daily operation & development expenses is the net profit of Hansando valued at $2036.45, which will be used to buy back TSHP. The burning TXID will be disclosed after completion.

*The buyback and burn of TSHP in November (referring to 12Ships Monthly Report-November 2020)and December 2020 have been postponed owing to the miners transporting matters and it will be finished together in January 2021. After the completion of buyback and burn, the announcement will be published on Medium and disclosed via the Upbit project disclosure channel.

Community Development

-Community Members

  • Twitter Followers: 3050
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1495
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 538

- 12Ships Official(@TwelveShips12) kept to select and post the latest big news related to the mining area and blockchain industry at least twice a week.

-12Ships Community Development Scheme 2021(Draft) is in the process of review and approval by the 12Ships Foundation management.

About 12Ships

12Ships is a cryptocurrency-mining backed blockchain platform that makes your journey to the blockchain investment AS EASY AS POSSIBLE by providing profitable and high-performance mining infrastructure. 12Ships focuses on technology-driven development of a mining ecosystem including ASIC mining machines, Filecoin mining machines, mining pool and public chain.

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