12Ships Monthly Report-November 2020

[ Press Time: Dec 4, 2020 ]

Market Overview

When the price of Bitcoin officially surpassed its all-time high on Coinbase, it caused the market sentiment to become highly bullish. Shortly thereafter, whales started to sell, causing large liquidations across major exchanges. The confluence of whales keeping BTC on exchanges, which means higher selling pressure, and the sell-off from miners amplified BTC’s downturn. *In the near term, the key support levels for Bitcoin are $18,200, $17,700, and $16,200. There are still large whale clusters in these areas, which could cause a reaction from buyers.

  • The content above is formed from some opinions of popular media and analysts all over the world.

Latest News on Filecoin

2) After Filecoin’s mainnet launch, the global community of Filecoin miners has dedicated 1 exbibyte (EiB) of decentralized storage capacity to the Filecoin network, which is equivalent to 4,500 Wikipedias.

Project Update

- Hansando Pool

2) From Nov.1.2020 to Nov.30.2020, Hansando Pool mined XVG, RVC, and some other cryptos totally valued at $13731.47 minus $5492.26 for the electric bill and $4000 for daily operation & development expenses is the net profit of Hansando valued at $4239.21, which will be used to buy back TSHP. The burning Txid of TSHP will be disclosed after completion.

- Marketing & Cooperation

2) Published the first version of a one-page introduction about 12Ships.

3) Launched a Thanksgiving Retweet activity from Nov 26–29 and all the winners were awarded 50 USDT or 100 USDT.

4) Community Members

  • Twitter Followers: 3068
  • Fans in Telegram group: 1728
  • Fans in Kakao Talk: 555

About 12Ships

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